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updateup‧date2 /ˈʌpdeɪt/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 MODERNthe most recent news or information about something a news updateupdate on The report provides a brief update on the progress of the project.2 a change or addition to a computer file so that it has the most recent information
Examples from the Corpus
updateRight, let's have an update on the state of the party as it is now.The software allows you to define the network structure and performs the calculations and updates.The speed of the computation affects the sampling size and speed of updates.Constraints like referential integrity can be placed automatically on new data entered into the system and on updates to existing records.While she was having a good time, she asked for periodic updates on when the girls would get to leave.She never made mention of her constant realignment of interests in any of her occasional letters, periodic updates of the trivial.Grant calls in to get a weather update.update onFor an update on road conditions, contact the highway department.