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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishVDUVDU /ˌviː diː ˈjuː/ noun [countable] British English technical  TD (visual display unit) a computer screen syn monitor VDU operators
Examples from the Corpus
VDUTry folding a VDU in half and stuffing it in your pocket.Cold type type produced without the use of characters cast from molten metal, such as on a VDU.Sales Desk staff would be able to talk to customers and simultaneously operate a VDU obtaining instant information.However, for any other students whose case is raised a VDU immediately provides the Committee with the necessary details.All the results are immediately available to the Department Manager at the VDU by his desk.All reports are produced using the VDU as a security device.The VDU image should be capable of identifying the structure of the text.This VDU is the only one in the installation which can access the personnel database.