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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvirtual realityˌvirtual reˈality noun [uncountable]  TDan environment produced by a computer that looks and seems real to the person experiencing it
Examples from the Corpus
virtual realityThe two will explore areas of mutual interest in interactive three-dimensional software technologies and virtual reality for Mac and Windows desktop boxes.For some, the new Times Square is itself an exercise in virtual reality come to life.Generals love virtual reality, war games of any kind.At the moment virtual reality has a rather lightweight reputation, and has not really made its mark outside the entertainment industry.But these Escondido students have elevated the missions to near virtual reality status.Even more seemingly intractable problems will be posed by attempts to store virtual reality.Such virtual reality systems are already in existence today and foreshadow far more powerful developments likely within a few years.The whole operation had been compressed into the virtual reality of Macintosh.