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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishword processorˈword ˌprocessor noun [countable]  TDcomputer software or a small computer that you use for writing letters and other documents syn WPon a word processor Most reports are produced on a word processor.word processing noun [uncountable] I mostly use my computer for word processing.word processed adjective a word processed document
Examples from the Corpus
word processorIt says that Stirling Moss can use his word processor as a telex machine.Some experts foresee a future in which nobody would buy a spreadsheet program or word processor.So I got out the original word processor program disks and loaded them into the directory.Now, of course, the word processor or computer can take over much that used to be printed.The best way to view these is to load them into your word processor.on a word processorUpdating is easier if the information is contained on a word processor but manual records are adequate.So she pushed herself, sometimes writing longhand, sometimes on a word processor.Such pupils should be enabled to produce their written work on a word processor or concept keyboard.