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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishWYSIWYGWYSIWYG /ˈwɪziwɪɡ/ noun [uncountable]  (what you see is what you get)TD a word used to mean that what you see on the computer screen is exactly what will be printed
Examples from the Corpus
WYSIWYGAlternatively, switch into Page Review mode to get a WYSIWYG view.Features of the Toolkit include a WYSIWYG Windows Generator for the generation of management windows.All WYSIWYG here in Quattro Pro 4 - not an add-in in sight.Quattro Pro doesn't have an add-in sight, yet manages to look brilliant in WYSIWYG mode.The traditional method of setting type on computer-based systems is not WYSIWYG but code driven.The whole idea of WYSIWYG is that you can see changes happening as you do things.However, icons are only available if you use the WYSIWYG add-in.Whilst all these functions can be provided in a batch environment the real breakthrough came when WYSIWYG arrived.