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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcompassionate leavecomˌpassionate ˈleave noun [uncountable]  BECspecial permission to have time away from work because one of your relatives has died or is very ill
Examples from the Corpus
compassionate leaveTrouble erupted on Friday night after a row about a prisoner's appeal for compassionate leave.Your request for compassionate leave is, of course, granted.After her return from compassionate leave following the death of her father, they had been prepared to rally round.Edward was in the Western Desert, and because of the children he was given compassionate leave.He will be able to return on compassionate leave - particularly if it helps to focus his mind on the Test series.Joe and Eileen were given short compassionate leave and Stephen came home for the funeral.And with a baby on the way there would surely be some compassionate leave for him soon.