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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgradegrade1 /ɡreɪd/ ●●● S2 W3 AWL noun [countable]  1 standardJUDGE a particular level of quality that a product, material etc has The best grades of tea are expensive. industrial grade diamondshigh/low grade low grade products2 rankBECLEVEL a particular level of job There are lots of jobs in junior grades.3 mark in schoolSES a mark that a student is given for their work or for an examination He got a grade A in maths. Tim worked hard and got good grades.4 make the grade5 school yearSES one of the 12 years that students are at school in the American school system, or the students in a particular yearyearsecond/eleventh etc grade My brother is in sixth grade. a fifth-grade teacher6 slope American EnglishTTRTTT a slope or a degree of slope, especially in a road or railway syn gradient British EnglishCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: a mark that a student is given for their work or for an examinationadjectivesgood If you study hard, you get good grades, and you get into good schools.bad If you get a bad grade, Mrs. Miller will help you until you can do better.high She got high grades in all her science subjects.lowThese boys receive low grades because they fail to turn in assignments.the top gradeTed got the top grade in his A-level maths exam.grade + NOUNgrade A/B/C etc. British English:Applicants must have Grade A, B, or C in two GCSE subjects.verbsget a gradeHe had always gotten good grades.achieve a grade British English:Rick had achieved good exam grades.
Examples from the Corpus
gradeGrade A beefweapons-grade nuclear materiala low-grade feverAll grades are wholesome but U. S. Grade A is assigned to products which are of uniform size and free of blemishes.But quality teas, the best grade, have hardly changed at around 200p a kilogramme.I really liked my eighth grade math teacher.If he gets good enough grades he'll get a scholarship to Michigan State.She's in the fifth grade.Class participation is a quarter of your final grade.Had he completely closed him-self off in the fourth grade?I need a really good grade on the final exam to pass the class.A third group of mixed grade was recognised in 11 patients with low grade who also had occasional areas of high grade.The pay scale is based on grade and length of service.Trainees are paid on Clinical Scientist grade A, which is currently £9,239 p.a. increasing by annual increments.The second grade class is doing a play about the Pilgrims.The seventh grade is taking a trip to Minneapolis next week.a steep gradeI wasn't very happy with the grade on my essay.My years at Sacred Heart, kindergarten through the middle of third grade, were a blur.What grade are you in?The yield of beef carcasses varies according to the yield grade from about 80 percent for Yield Grade No.high/low gradeWhy did the right hon. Gentleman not decide to have a higher grade environmental impact assessment?Colds and fevers are of a low grade, not violent.Neither the classical variables nor the different treatments influenced survival in high grade lymphoma.These boys receive low grades because they fail to turn in assignments.Despite this tragedy, she graduated with the second highest grade point average in her high school.Can students sue teachers for giving them low grades?The carbon in pulp process uses higher grade ore which is crushed, milled and mixed with chemical solutions in large tanks.A third group of mixed grade was recognised in 11 patients with low grade who also had occasional areas of high grade.second/eleventh etc gradeThe conversational bridge must be built back in kindergarten, first, and second grades.Take the case of Christina, who attends eleventh grade at a suburban high school in Fairfax County, Virginia.Of the rest, turquoise ranks in his third and garnet in his second grade.It was as useless as trying to get kidnapped in second grade.Their friendship had been sealed in second grade when the entire class was asked to write essays on their fathers.In second grade my class was sent home from school for the afternoon when John F.. Kennedy got shot.Those are real simple things and notice that the target is really second grade.Mary Agnes had been her friend since second grade.