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leaveleave2 ●●○ S3 W3 noun  1 holiday [uncountable]BEC time that you are allowed to spend away from your work, especially in the armed forces I’ve applied for three days’ leave.on leave navy officers home on leave Your basic annual leave is 20 days.2 maternity/sick/compassionate leave3 leave of absence4 permission [uncountable] formalLET/ALLOW permission to do something All this was done entirely without my leave.leave to do something a petition for leave to appeal to the European courtgrant/obtain/ask/seek etc leave (to do something) He asked leave to speak to her in private.5 without so much as a by your leave6 take leave of your senses7 take leave of somebody/take your leaveCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2ADJECTIVES/NOUN + leave annual leave (=an amount of time that you are allowed away from work for holidays etc)Annual leave is 22 days plus public holidays.maternity leave (=time that a mother is allowed away from work to have and take care of a new baby)Two teachers were off on maternity leave.paternity leave (=time that a father is allowed away from work to take care of a new baby)He got five days’ paternity leave.parental leave (=time that a parent is allowed away from work to take care of a child)Parental leave is often unpaid.sick leave (also medical leave American English) (=time that you are allowed away from work because you are ill)The form must be filled in as soon as you return from sick leave.compassionate leave (=time that you are allowed away from work because someone in your family is very ill or has died)Eileen was given compassionate leave to go to the funeral.paid/unpaid leaveShe took three days unpaid leave in order to help her daughter.home leave (=time that you are allowed to spend at home from a job that is far away, for example in the army, or from prison)Roberts had failed to return from home leave, and there was a warrant out for his arrest.shore leave (=time that a sailor is allowed to spend on land and away from work)Hong Kong was a popular place for shore leave.special leave (=time that you are allowed away from work for a special reason)Some firms grant special leave when you move house.study leave British English (=time that you are allowed away from work because you are taking a course)The company offers study leave for staff development.sabbatical leave (=time that a teacher is allowed away from work to study or travel)Headteachers can take sabbatical leave every five years.indefinite leave (=leave without a time limit)She has gone on indefinite leave, suffering from exhaustion.nounsleave entitlement (=the amount of time that you are allowed to spend away from work on holidays etc)The normal paid leave entitlement is 20 days.verbshave/get leaveHow much annual leave do you get?be entitled to leave (=be allowed to have as leave)After five years, employees are entitled to 25 days’ leave.go on leave (=start your time away from work)I’ll get the report to you before you go on leave.take leave (=use the time you are allowed)I don’t think I’ll be able to take any leave in January because we’re too busy.use (up) leaveI used all my leave in the summertime.give/grant somebody leaveHe was given compassionate leave.cancel somebody’s leave (=stop people taking leave)The Police Department cancelled all leave because of the emergency.
Examples from the Corpus
leavePhil still has three days' annual leave owing to him.They're giving me five days' leave.I get twenty-five days' leave a year.I had come on leave first, so I was first to return.They got married while he was on leave from the army.on leaveCarter is in charge of the office while I'm on leave.leave to do somethingThe manager should discuss the proposals for the coming year's maintenance programme before the allocation of annual leave to nurses.I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the options for leave to which you may be entitled.Anyone else must obtain leave to make an application.Prior to Puhlhofer, failure to obtain leave to proceed by judicial review occurred in less than 10 percent of the applications.Niall arrived home on leave to find she'd packed her bags and left him a note.If the original statement requires correction it is presumably necessary to seek leave to amend although the rules are silent on this.Our friend looked at them, then lifted the leaves to expose a lovely row of radishes we never knew we had!Drain in a colander, pressing the leaves to extract all the juice.I have to leave to pick up the kids at school.