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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprobationerpro‧ba‧tion‧er /prəˈbeɪʃə $ proʊˈbeɪʃənər/ noun [countable]  1 BECsomeone who has recently started a job, especially nursing or teaching, and who is being tested to see whether they are suitable for it2 SCLsomeone who has broken the law, and has been put on probation
Examples from the Corpus
probationerIn March 1912 a test was held for probationers.Probation officers, it is argued, are concerned with establishing rules for probationers and not inflicting pain on them.Went right back to the rank of probationer.Lesley, out with a 30-year-old probationer policewoman, had answered a call to a burglary.He had also demonstrated this commitment by appointing a dually qualified teacher-librarian as a Scale One probationer in charge of the library.As a sample of offenders, the course participants have more in common with prisoners than probationers.To do so effectively requires a commitment from the teaching force - from headteacher to probationer.