Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: Latin conditio, from condicere 'to agree', from com- ( COM-) + dicere 'to say'


1 noun
con‧di‧tion1 S1 W1



[plural] the situation in which people live or work, especially the physical things that affect the quality of their lives:
Conditions in the prison were atrocious.
living/working conditions
an attempt to improve living conditions for the working classes
Poor working conditions lead to demoralized and unproductive employees.
in appalling/overcrowded/dreadful etc conditions
These children work 70 metres below ground in appalling conditions.
In May, staff went on strike, demanding better pay and conditions.



[plural] the weather at a particular time, especially when you are considering how this affects people:
The conditions during the first half of the match were appalling.
cold/windy/icy etc conditions
In cold conditions you'll need a sleeping bag with a hood.
the worsening weather conditions

things affecting situation


[plural] all the things that affect the way something happens
under ... conditions
Under normal conditions, people will usually do what requires least effort.
Under these conditions, the fire can be rapidly controlled.
Profits increased by £1.5m, despite the difficult economic conditions.
The combination of rain and greasy surfaces made driving conditions treacherous.


[singular, uncountable] the state that something is in, especially how good or bad its physical state is
in (a) good/poor/excellent/terrible etc condition
The car has been well maintained and is in excellent condition.
The house was in a terrible condition.
condition of
The condition of nuclear plants is a matter of great concern.


[singular, uncountable] how healthy or fit you are:
She is being treated at Walton Hospital, where her condition is described as 'satisfactory'.
in (a) critical/stable/satisfactory condition
One of the victims was in a critical condition after suffering severe burns.
physical/mental condition
If you are uncertain about your physical condition, check with your doctor before trying these exercises.
'I'm so out of condition (=unfit),' she panted.
in no condition to do something (=too drunk, ill, or upset to be able to do something)
I was in no condition to cope with a train journey.
Mark can't possibly drive home in that condition (=when he is so drunk, ill, or upset).


[countable] something that you must agree to in order for something to happen, especially when this is included in a contractCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
lay down/impose/set conditions (=say what must be done) strict condition meet/satisfy/fulfil a condition (=do what has been agreed) terms and conditions (=what a contract says must be done) on condition that/on one condition (=only if a particular thing is agreed to) subject to conditions (=if particular things are agreed to)
She laid down only one condition: that her name not be revealed.
condition for
There were strict conditions for letting us use their information.
The bank agreed to extend the loan if certain conditions were met.
A statement of your terms and conditions of employment can be found in the Personnel Handbook.
He was released on bail on condition that he did not go within half a mile of his mother's address.
The application was approved, subject to certain conditions.

for something to happen

[countable] something that must exist or happen first, before something else can happen
condition for/of
Our goal is to create the conditions for a lasting peace.
Investment is a necessary condition of economic growth.


[countable]MI an illness or health problem that affects you permanently or for a very long time:
People suffering from this condition should not smoke.
heart/lung etc condition
She has a serious heart condition.
Was he being treated for any medical condition?

situation of group

[singular] formal the situation or state of a particular group of people, especially when they have problems and difficulties:
the condition of the poor in our cities
All my paintings are ultimately about the human condition.


on no condition

On no condition should untrained personnel use the equipment.