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con‧tri‧bu‧tion S2 W2
1 [countable] something that you give or do in order to help something be successful
contribution to/towards
Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize for his contribution to Quantum Theory.
The school sees its job as preparing students to make a contribution to society.
significant/substantial/valuable etc contribution
Wolko made outstanding contributions to children's medicine.
2 [countable] an amount of money that you give in order to help pay for something:
a campaign contribution
contribution of
A contribution of £25 will buy 15 books.
contribution to/towards
Contributions to charities are tax deductible.
You can make annual contributions of up to $1000 in education savings accounts.
3 [countable]BEC a regular payment that you make to your employer or to the government to pay for things that you will receive when you are no longer working, for example health care, a pension etc:
income tax and national insurance contributions
contribution to
Have you been making regular contributions to a pension plan?
4 [countable]TCN a piece of writing, a song, a speech etc that forms part of a larger work such as a newspaper, book, broadcast, recording etc
contribution from
a magazine with contributions from well-known travel writers
a Christmas album featuring contributions from Carly Simon, Amy Grant, and others
5 [uncountable] when you give money, time, help etc:
All the money has been raised by voluntary contribution.
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