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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblueprintblue‧print /ˈbluːˌprɪnt/ noun [countable]  1 PLANa plan for achieving somethingblueprint for a blueprint for health-care reform2 TBCa photographic print of a plan for a building, machine etc on special blue paperblueprint for a blueprint for the new shopping mall3 technical a pattern that all living cells contain, which decides how a person, animal, or plant develops and what it looks like By changing the tomato’s genetic blueprint, scientists can alter the rate at which it ripens.
Examples from the Corpus
blueprintWhat geophysicists need is a blueprint for how the earth machine works.I could have issued a blueprint and handbook had anyone asked.Conservation groups have suggested a blueprint for a "Green World".He calls them a blueprint for disaster in their current form and wants them amended.The task took some considerable time as each bone was labelled according to a blueprint held by the archaeologist.a blueprint for healthcare reformNor is management information yet available for every aspect of the variety of aim and blueprint which a school sets for itself.Yet a centralized command blueprint has been the main approach to making robots, artificial creatures, and artificial intelligences.The other tape contains disco and the essential blueprints of a key technology.Both principles must, of course, coexist, and there is no blueprint for dealing with the conflicts when they arise.genetic blueprintJ., and is the fourth microbial genetic blueprint Human Genome has determined.By manipulation of the tomato's genetic blueprint, scientists can alter the rate at which it ripens.