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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbulldozerbull‧doz‧er /ˈbʊldəʊzə $ -doʊzər/ noun [countable]  bulldozer.jpg TTCTBCa powerful vehicle with a broad metal blade, used for moving earth and rocks, destroying buildings etc
Examples from the Corpus
bulldozerHe set up a beehive barricade as bulldozers moved in to dig a pipeline near his land.The graders and the jeeps and the wide-mouthed bulldozers.They march down Ninth Avenue in concert, a team of bulldozers scrubbing the road clean.We had some bulldozers, and they tried to dig out the tunnels.But then the Great Society poured money into cities, including Tucson, and the bulldozers arrived.There were outbuildings and stables, all of them run down and needing money spent; or the bulldozer, Kevin decided.The bulldozer would be used to load them.The two drivers, obeying hand signals from Charley, eased the toppled bulldozer away, steadily and with no rotating motion.