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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbuttressbut‧tress1 /ˈbʌtrəs/ noun [countable]  TBCa brick or stone structure built to support a wall
Examples from the Corpus
buttressFor centuries it has been a buttress against the onslaught of Chaos from the wastes to the north.On a sunny evening you can stay to catch the last of the sun's rays highlighting Scafell's famous buttresses.Moreover, in the building of the great Gothic cathedrals many new devices were introduced, including flying buttresses.Between the chapels radiate the forests of flying buttresses.Two square halls would give the effect. externally. of solid massive buttresses, while internally they would serve as picture galleries.There was a narrow stone path, Alexei now saw, around the base of the promontory beyond the buttress.Above lies 40 feet of delicate arête, poised on the crest of the buttress.The buttresses of all grades are black and the gullies are trickling away into the valley streams.