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cementcement2 verb [transitive]  1 (also cement over)TBC to cover something with cement2 RELATIONSHIPto make a relationship between people, countries, or organizations firm and strongcement a relationship/alliance They want to cement a good working relationship between the government and trade unions.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
cementBack then many a congressional friendship was cemented by an exchange of votes.It took those games to cement his decision on a basketball coach.The consummate aerospace industry outsider has finally cemented his place in the fraternity.Steven's marriage to Lucy Brett cemented important business ties with her family.Second, he hopes to use blocks of Uralmash shares to cement joint-venture agreements with foreign partners.Some of the graves are cemented over.To cement the alliance with Lombardy, Charles married Desiderata, the daughter of Desiderius.I couldn't believe it when I saw it cos we had just cemented the ill-fated Admiral deal.Having a consistent picture and an affirming statement really cements the new behavior in my mind.Cusack has an idea that perhaps we can come up with an additional line to cement the scene.cement a relationship/allianceThis does much to encourage a client to be confident of your ability and to cement relationships.