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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconduitcon‧duit /ˈkɒndjuət, -dɪt $ ˈkɑːnduɪt/ noun [countable]  1 technicalTBC a pipe or passage through which water, gas, a set of electric wires etc passes2 formalTAKE/BRING a connection between two things that allows people to pass ideas, news, money, weapons, drugs etc from one place to anotherconduit for Drug traffickers have used the country as a conduit for shipments to the U.S.
Examples from the Corpus
conduitIt operates as a conduit for ideas to flow freely throughout an organization.This hampers the small banks that the non-banks use as a conduit for their services.The receptor molecules are conduits for information, with one end outside the cell and the other inside.The meter and service pipe should not touch or be close to any electrical conduit or apparatus.The corridor inside was a grey conduit for numerous pipes and fittings, lit by plain white bulbs.In any case the L.C.C. used the slot conduit system and the Company used overhead wires.