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draindrain2 ●●○ noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 especially British EnglishTBC a pipe that carries water or waste liquids away πŸ”Š The flood was caused by a blocked drain. πŸ”Š There’s a problem with the drains.2 TBC British English the frame of metal bars over a drain where water etc can flow into it syn grate American English3 American English the hole in the bottom of a bath or sink that water flows out through syn plughole British English4 β†’ a drain on something5 β†’ down the drain β†’ brain drain, β†’ laugh like a drain at laugh1(1)
Examples from the Corpus
drainβ€’ The parish is a drain on resources, no doubt about it.β€’ To have left the tube and drain in place for 14-21 days would have been ideal but less acceptable to the patient.β€’ For refrigerators with removable drain plugs, remove plug and force warm water mixed with baking soda through the drain.β€’ Blood from Forster's broken body was floating away in clouds, finally swirling in a whirlpool above the drain.β€’ Time and again he had to turn his nose up into the arch of the drain to keep from drowning.β€’ We crawled out of the drain, saw the coast clear, and ran down the road together.β€’ The drain in the bathtub is clogged.the drainsβ€’ This makes it absolutely clear that the early road and the drains belong in a mid to late second-century context.β€’ The view had been spoilt, and the drains became complicated.β€’ Paper blocks the drains, so it goes into a little box.β€’ A grey drizzle enveloped the city; where there were trees, sodden leaves choked the drains and made the pavements dangerous.β€’ Small children scrambled for the scattered coins before they washed down the drains.β€’ More and more people were looking to the drains, rather than to providence.β€’ He counterclaimed for damages for breach of the covenant for quiet enjoyment and another claim relating to the drains.β€’ At first they think the builders have messed up the drains.