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erecte‧rect2 /ɪˈrekt/ adjective  1 VERTICALin a straight upright position Martin stood erect on the platform.2 HBHan erect penis or nipple is stiff and bigger than it usually is because a person is sexually excited
Examples from the Corpus
erectThe rabbit looked all around, with its ears erect.The youth was tall, erect, and had disheveled blond hair.The headstones were all erect and orderly.Taking my final leave of the President, I turned toward the door, erect and with a dignified, purposeful bearing.The magistrate sat there, stern and erect, as the charge was read out.The 8-year-olds sat erect at their desks.It has a long snout, erect ears, a shiny brown coat, and a tail thick as a muff.They come in various shapes: erect, for instance, or conical, or rounded or with horizontal, spreading branches.She seems more erect, like a bird.These stems grow erect when submersed, but grow prostrate on marshy terrain.She holds her head erect, with her blonde curls falling down her back.stood erectOn limp legs, I stood erect.All the posts stood erect and unblemished in a dead straight line.The policeman with the moustache stood erect with his hands on his hips.