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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgantrygan‧try /ˈɡæntri/ noun (plural gantries) [countable]  TBCTTTa large metal frame which is used to support heavy machinery or railway signals
Examples from the Corpus
gantryThree companies had denied breaking safety rules after two workmen were killed after a gantry fixed to the Severn Bridge collapsed.Between them girders and gantries of black iron ran like gigantic roadways spanning gulfs of empty air.When Antoine finished he looked like a floodlit gantry.The island gantry and the whole atmosphere is superbly Victorian.Birkwood Lock, the first mechanized lock with control tower and traffic light gantry.John Laing Services were accused of failing to maintain the gantry and insure its safety.He climbed away from their reaching hands, on to the very top of the gantry, breaking the spines of his peacock wings.