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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhalf-timberedhalf-tim‧bered /ˌhɑːf ˈtɪmbəd◂ $ ˌhæf ˈtɪmbərd◂/ adjective  TBCa half-timbered house is usually old and shows the wooden structure of the building on the outside walls
Examples from the Corpus
half-timberedIt now stands unique - the only substantial half-timbered building in any Cambridge College.The main half-timbered building now forms part of a farm, and is in a poor state of repair.This is in Pauntley and is an impressive, large, half-timbered building which underwent restoration in the early 1930s.At Ardsley-on-Hudson, New York, a half-timbered, creeper-clad station was connected to a matching hotel by a rustic bridge.The most famous is probably the delightful half-timbered Dunrobin, on the Highland line to Wick.Blakesley Hall - Prime example of an Elizabethan half-timbered farmhouse.Its hedged fields are sprinkled with oak trees, and apple orchards and half-timbered houses abound.The castle may cast its shadow, but the character of Arbon formed equally by the half-timbered houses.