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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlathlath /lɑːθ, læθ $ læθ/ noun [countable]  TBCa long flat narrow piece of wood used in building to support plaster (=material used to cover walls)
Examples from the Corpus
lathMeasure and mark the fabric to the length of the measurements taken, plus allowances for covering roller and lath.Long strips of ceiling lath sheared down into the rooms.He devised metal lath and corner trim long before it became standard.The woodwork has, no doubt, been replaced and is in the form of narrow laths.A smile of lath opened amid powdery fallout.Thickness and bandsaw the back and arms, only rounding the fronts of the laths at this stage.The laths can be marked and cut to length and then fitted as before.I found this lath back by far the most comfortable and remarkable, its size being ideal for my build.