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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplate glassˌplate ˈglass noun [uncountable]  TBCTIGbig pieces of glass made in large thick sheets, used especially in shop windows
Examples from the Corpus
plate glassInside appeared a dark labyrinth of ravaged shelves behind plate glass still festooned with the posters advertising special Christmas bargains.Glass in gorgeous colors, and glass in workaday sheets of homely pale-green plate glass.Those that had iron gratings locked them across the plate glass.Bodie flung himself to the window-sill, leaning hard up against the plate glass and searching to right and left of the playground.On Halloween, children come and paint the plate glass window.Lucy walked up the fight of steps; the plate glass doors slid open electronically as she crossed the beam.A glance through the plate glass doors of the supermarket itself sent her heart plummeting to her boots.A pair of wide plate glass windows peer into an Alician wonderland of exotic beings.