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primeprime3 verb [transitive]  1 prepare somebodyPREPARE to prepare someone for a situation so that they know what to doprime somebody with something Did you prime her with what to say?prime somebody for something He had a shower and primed himself for action.prime somebody to do something He had been primed to say nothing about it.2 a gunPMW to prepare a gun or bomb so that it can fire or explode3 paintTBCPREPARE to put a special layer of paint on a surface, in order to prepare it for the next layer All metal surfaces will have to be primed.4 prime the pump5 water to pour water into a water pump in order to make it ready to work→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
primeThe Cowboys will be primed and poised.Did you prime her with what to say?The Smiths were priming themselves for a spell in the top five.These are then primed to recognise and attack the real invader.When cleaned, non-ferrous metals are best brought to a bright finish before priming with zinc chromate or zinc phosphate.prime somebody to do somethingSecond baseman Gonzalez is being primed to take over as shortstop.