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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreconstructre‧con‧struct /ˌriːkənˈstrʌkt/ ●○○ AWL verb [transitive]  1 DESCRIBEto produce a complete description or copy of an event by collecting together pieces of information Police were reconstructing the movements of the murdered couple.2 TBCto build something again after it has been destroyed or damaged syn rebuild The task ahead is to reconstruct the building.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
reconstructWasson said damage was less than anticipated, and the forms would be reconstructed.After all, the question of eliminating and reconstructing an identity in an electronic age is ripe with possibility.Royalties earned from the publications have purchased land upon which students have reconstructed cabins and preserved cultural artifacts.Grosvenor's speeches and writings make it possible to reconstruct his political views in considerable detail.Mechanization, with all that it involves, is certainly able to distort, destroy and reconstruct many aspects of a civilization.Later, people spend hours reconstructing that brutal transition from the nowhere to the everywhere, when nature can destroy you.Kramer had several operations to reconstruct the bones in her leg.Police are trying to reconstruct the events of last Friday.