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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrefurbishre‧fur‧bish /ˌriːˈfɜːbɪʃ $ -ɜːr-/ verb [transitive] especially British English  1 TBCto decorate and repair something such as a building or office in order to improve its appearancerenovate The Grand Hotel has been completely refurbished.2 IMPROVEto change and improve a plan, idea, or skillrefurbishment noun [countable, uncountable]→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
refurbishRoads, subways, power grids, and dams were constructed; cities were refurbished.Old classrooms in the main block were refurbished and brought back into use for Sociology and Philosophy.They would steal cars, repaint, refurbish, and crack new cylinders for them.A thoroughly charming and well-run hotel, it was recently refurbished and is well-furnished throughout.There is even a school of thought that says some 1960s office blocks outside prime areas should be refurbished as residential accommodation.The motel was a recently refurbished Holiday Inn.A developer wants to refurbish the Green Street Hotel.Nearby, Pre-Owned Electronics offered refurbished, used Macs with six-month warranties.The present structure was built in 1843 and has recently been refurbished with a mosaic inspired by local school children.