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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscaffoldingscaf‧fold‧ing /ˈskæfəldɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]  TBCa set of poles and boards that are built into a structure for workers to stand on when they are working on the outside of a building
Examples from the Corpus
scaffoldingScaffold stolen: Aluminium scaffolding worth more than £1,000 has been stolen from outside Evenwood Community Centre.Refurbished on a budget of £20, the shop is kitted out with old tyres, corrugated iron and scaffolding.An early start is being made, in fact scaffolding is going up already.Forays had been made at night; scaffolding had been torn down and a few workers employed in building Carewscourt had been killed.Each step you take provides scaffolding which will enable you to build the essay a little further.If necessary climb the scaffolding yourself to get the lights right.You can see the scaffolding and the temporary roof well enough I should hope.The scaffolding, explains Miss Edwards in her book, was improvised from spars and oars.