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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishslateslate1 /sleɪt/ noun  1 rock [uncountable]HEG a dark grey rock that can easily be split into flat thin pieces2 on a roof [countable] especially British EnglishTBC a small piece of slate or similar material that is used for covering roofs syn tile There were several slates missing from the roof.3 slate blue/grey4 politics [countable]PPV a list of people that voters can choose in an election, or who are being considered for an important job5 for writing on [countable]SE a small black board or a flat piece of slate in a wooden frame, used for writing on in the past6 put something on the slate a clean slate at clean1(9)
Examples from the Corpus
slateIn a spirit of community service, books and slates appeared.Many academics really do believe that all of us are now beginning once again with a clean slate.A third candidate, radio talk show host Alan Keyes, filed a partial slate.Best Director nominees usually parallel the Best Picture slate with one exception.The falls of the flowers are a delicate yellowish green veined with slate blue.