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surfacesurface2 verb  1 HIDE/NOT SHOW#[intransitive] if information, feelings, or problems surface, they become known about or easy to noticesurface in Rumors about the killings have begun to surface in the press. the jealousy that had surfaced in her2 WAKE UP/GET UP[intransitive] if someone or something surfaces, they suddenly appear somewhere, especially after being gone or hidden for a long time syn pop up Last year Toole surfaced again in Cuba.3 APPEAR[intransitive] to rise to the surface of water divers surfacing near the boat4 [intransitive] British English informal to get out of bed, especially late Joe never surfaces before midday on Sunday.5 [transitive]TBCTTR to put a surface on a road→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
surfaceMore problems surfaced after the king fell ill.In fact many of them were pre-1917 private traders who surfaced again after 1921.He surfaced from his thoughts and turned back to the room.When Greene surfaced from the war in the mid-1940s the literary friendship resumed.But to its surprise, the task force surfaced growing complaints.Rumors about the killings have begun to surface in the press.The other 30 pictures surfaced just last month.Suddenly one whale surfaced right beside our boat.Now it was Alain's face that surfaced when she let down her guard."Have you seen Cathy?'' "No, she hasn't surfaced yet.''