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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuspension bridgesusˈpension ˌbridge noun [countable]  TTRTBCa bridge that has no supports under it, but is hung from strong steel ropes fixed to towers
Examples from the Corpus
suspension bridgeThe Albert suspension bridge is all lit up and people cheer us.Some days ago I saw pictures of the Baghdad suspension bridge being destroyed.She had panicky thoughts about the Clifton suspension bridge and its alarming suicide rate, but Tavett did not mention Clifton.Serrell was given a contract to build a highway suspension bridge over the Niagara between Lewiston and Queenston.His drawings ran the gamut from the parabolic suspension bridge to the forms and color of various trees and individual flowers.I got to the top and walked along a bit, and saw the suspension bridge flying away to my left.That the suspension bridge was both graceful to look at and economical to build was undeniable.Then in 1850, a wire suspension bridge twisted and crumpled under the tread of marching troops.