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allspice bake barbecue baste blanch boil bottle bouillon cube braise breadcrumbs breaded brine broil brown butter candied caper caramel cardamom carve casserole(n) casserole(v) caster sugar charbroil chervil chestnut chicory chill chilli powder chip cilantro cinnamon clean clove cochineal coconut cook(v) cook(n) cookbook cookery cookery book cordon bleu core coriander cream crisp cube culinary cumin curry powder deep fry dessertspoon devilled dice done dress essence fat flambé flan flavouring flour(n) flour(v) frost frosting fry glaze(v) glaze(n) gourmet(a) gourmet(n) grate grease(n) grease(v) greaseproof paper grill(v) grill(n) grind gut hard-boiled haute cuisine hob hull husk ice icebox icing icing sugar ingredient joint knead lard(n) lard(v) leaven liquidize marinade marinate marjoram microwave mince mincer mint mix(v) mix(n) nouvelle cuisine nutmeg oil olive oil overdone parboil pare pickle pipe pit pitted pkt pluck plum tomato poach precooked preheat prep prove recipe reduce rice paper rind rise roast(v) roast(n) roast(a) rosemary roux saffron sage salt(n) salt(v) sauce sausage meat sauté savory scalloped sear season seasoning self-raising flour self-rising flour sesame shell shortening short-order cook shuck sieve sift sifter simmer(v) simmer(n) skewer smoke soak soda sodium bicarbonate spice(n) spice(v) spicy starch steam steep stew stock stone strain stuff stuffing sunny-side up sweat sweet-and-sour Tabasco tandoori tarragon tbsp teaspoon tenderize tenderloin textured vegetable protein thaw thyme timer toast(n) toast(v) toss truss tsp turmeric underdone vinaigrette vinegar whip whisk yeast zap zest


1 noun
cook‧ing1 S3 [uncountable]
1 the act of making food and cooking it:
My mother does all the cooking.
I love cooking.
2DF food made in a particular way or by a particular person:
My compliments on your cooking.
Indian cooking
simple, basic home cooking (=good food like the food you get in your own home)