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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcookingcook‧ing1 /ˈkʊkɪŋ/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  1 DFCCOOKthe activity of preparing food so that it is ready to eat, usually by heating it My mother does all the cooking. I love cooking.see thesaurus at food2 DFFOODfood made in a particular way or by a particular person My compliments on your cooking. Indian cooking simple basic home cooking (=good food like the food you get in your own home)COLLOCATIONSverbsdo the cookingWho does the cooking in your house?share the cooking (=both cook the food)Pete and I usually share the cooking.like/enjoy cookingI enjoy cooking at the weekend.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + cooking home cooking (=food cooked at home, not in a restaurant)Home cooking always tastes best to me.Italian/French etc cookingFresh herbs are used a lot in Thai cooking.traditional cookingTraditional Asian cooking uses a lot of oil.vegetarian cookinga book on vegetarian cookingslow cookingSlow cooking gives the dish a better flavour.cooking + NOUNcooking facilities (=somewhere to cook, with the equipment you need)The apartment has one bedroom and a sitting-room with cooking facilities.cooking time (=how long you cook something for)Adjust the cooking time according to the size of the bird.cooking utensils (=pots, spoons, knives etc that you use when cooking)The kitchen has all the cooking utensils you will need.a cooking methodAdjust your cooking methods for healthy eating. THESAURUSpreparing foodgrate to cut cheese, carrot etc into small pieces by rubbing it against a special toolGrate the cheese and sprinkle it over the top of the pasta.melt to make butter, chocolate etc become liquidMelt the butter, chocolate, and 1 teaspoon of cream over a low heat.sieve British English, sift American English to put flour or other powders through a sieve (=tool like a net made of wire, which you use for removing larger grains or pieces)Sift the flour and cocoa before adding to the rest of the mixture.chop to cut something into pieces, especially using a big knifeChop up the vegetables.dice to cut vegetables or meat into small square piecesDice the carrots and then fry them in butter.season to add salt, pepper etc to foodSeason the meat before grilling.crush to use a lot of force to break something such as seeds into very small pieces or into a powderAdd one clove of crushed garlic.mix to combine different foods togetherMix together all the ingredients in one bowl.beat/whisk to mix food together quickly with a fork or other toolWhisk the egg whites until they form soft peaks.stir to turn food around with a spoonStir the sauce gently to prevent burning.fold something in to gently mix another substance into a mixtureFold in the beaten egg whites. knead to press dough (=a mixture of flour and water) many times with your hands when you are making breadKnead the dough for ten minutes, until smooth.drizzle to slowly pour a small amount of a liquid onto somethingDrizzle with olive oil.let something stand to leave something somewhere, before you do something else with itLet the mixture stand for a couple of hours so that it cools naturally.serve to put different foods together as part of a mealServe with rice and a salad.Serve the aubergines on a bed of lettuce.
Examples from the Corpus
cookingJean-Claude Kausmann doesn't get involved in laundering in his own home - but he does do all the shopping and cooking.Because they can see nothing in front of them but cooking and scrubbing and mending ... and endless babies.Maybe you should take a Chinese cooking class.There's nothing like home cooking.His hobbies include cooking and wine-making.Karen loves Italian cooking.Stop criticizing my cooking!Do you do a lot of cooking?Gail's cooking is always good.Southern cookingHe would give £5 to my mum for all the cooking and £5 to my father and £5 to my uncle.Who does the cooking in your house?Their job is at home, in bed and then doing the cooking.I can recommend that new Greek restaurant. Their cooking is excellent.Even though cooking may destroy the bacterial cells, it is unlikely to inactivate the toxin.All meals are provided and the centre specialises in vegetarian cooking.home cookingThe adjacent Gelli Farm Restaurant offers a high cuisine with local produce and home cooking.Excellent home cooking with choice of menu.Fine home cooking and all the other special comforts you would expect in this beautifully restored home.Good home cooking is served and fresh local and garden produce are used.I'm looking forward to some home cooking.Like fried chicken, potpie symbolizes home cooking and comfort food, she said.Breakfast is continental style and dinners are tasty home cooking with a choice of menu.Dear Skid: Ursula is a big believer in making the man come to the kitchen if he wants home cooking.