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capercaper2 noun [countable]  1 DFCa small dark green part of a flower used in cooking to give a sour taste to food2 informalSCC a planned activity, especially an illegal or dangerous one I’m too old for this sort of caper.3 behaviour or an activity that is amusing or silly and not serious the comic capers of a cartoon cat and mouse4 DANCEa short jumping or dancing movement
Examples from the Corpus
caperThis buddy/action caper will be released in December.This is also sprinkled over the salads, to be followed by capers and some chopped chives or parsley.A practical nurse brought old red wine, a silver tray of smoked salmon, crumbled hard-boiled egg, capers and lemon.Even at Sunday River, despite the publicity surrounding the Godson caper, there have been no other such incidents.A final garnish of capers adds a pleasant salty note.At midnight, too, some high-spirited folk take part in all sorts of capers.In 1977, he pleaded guilty to one caper and was sentenced to jail.Proof of Life features one of the coolest commando rescue capers in recent cinema.Stealing an inflatable King Kong may have been a student caper.The capers are usually pickled in a white wine vinegar to preserve them.