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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchicorychic‧o‧ry /ˈtʃɪkəri/ noun [uncountable]  1 HBPDFCa European plant whose bitter leaves are eaten in salads2 the roots of this plant, used in coffee or instead of coffee
Examples from the Corpus
chicoryServe with brown rice and a chicory and orange salad.Set the dish on a large platter and surround with cucumber, tortilla chips and chicory leaves.Adults spoke longingly of real coffee, since even the watery liquid brewed from burnt chicory was not regularly available.Her son and daughter-in-law, she confided, drank a powder which was half chicory.These continental roasts often have chicory added to them.Some veg, like chicory and potatoes, can stand a lot of mustard in the dressing.She added some chicory to the coffee beans and turned the handle quickly.Garnish with chicory leaves cut into rings.