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chillchill2 ●○○ verb  1 [intransitive, transitive]DFCCOLD if you chill something such as food or drink, or if it chills, it becomes very cold but does not freeze Spoon the mixture into a bowl and chill for two hours. The longer this salad chills, the better the flavour.2 [intransitive] (also chill out) informal to relax completely instead of feeling angry, tired, or nervous ‘Hold it! Just chill for a second, won’t you!’ I spent the afternoon chilling out in front of the TV.3 [transitive]COLD to make someone very cold The wind blew across her body, chilling her wet skin.chilled to the bone/marrow (=extremely cold) Come and sit by the fire – you look chilled to the bone.4 [transitive] literaryFRIGHTENED to suddenly frighten someone, especially by seeming very cruel or violent The anger in his face chilled her.chill somebody to the bone/chill somebody to the marrow/chill somebody’s blood (=frighten someone a lot) He jerked his head round and saw something that chilled his blood.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
chillEither by design or accident, Joe first boiled the crabs, then chilled and served them to an employee.Chilled by the winds, people huddled under blankets.I think the wine should be chilled enough by now.Wrap the dough in plastic and chill for at least an hour.Additional time is required for cooking or chilling homemade dishes.The look in her eye chilled me.Shelly, just chill out, okay.Put some ice in the sink, and we'll chill the drinks in there.Similar results are obtained on chilling the petiole of leaf 1 to 3°C, except that translocation is inhibited for at least 20 minutes.Chill the salad for an hour or two before serving.chilled to the bone/marrowThe thought made him flush hot with embarrassment even though chilled to the marrow.The target unit is chilled to the bone, causing limbs to snap and weapons to break.By that time I was chilled to the bone, exhausted from the relentless battering of the traffic, sullen and depressed.Though chilled to the marrow, Karelius was otherwise not in too bad shape.Soaked to the skin and chilled to the marrow of her bones, she shivered uncontrollably.