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ldoce_801_pcleanclean2 ●●● S1 W3 verb  1 [intransitive, transitive]WASHCLEAN to remove dirt from something by rubbing or washingcleanse Your shoes need cleaning. Is it easy to clean?clean something down/off We clean the machines down at the end of each day.clean something off/from something He used a tissue to clean his fingerprints off the gun. dry-clean, → spring-clean at spring-cleaning2 [intransitive, transitive]CLEAN to clean a building or other people’s houses as your job Anne comes in to clean twice a week.3 clean your teeth4 [transitive]DFC to remove the inside parts of an animal or bird before cooking it Harry caught the fish and cleaned them himself.5 clean your plateTHESAURUSclean to remove dirt from somethingI need to clean the car.Clean the mud off your shoes.wash to clean something with water and usually soapShe’s washing her hair.There’s nowhere to wash your clothes.wipe to clean a surface with a cloth, often a wet clothWipe the worktop when you’ve finished cooking.scrub to wash something by rubbing it hard, especially with a brushThey made her scrub the floor.rinse to remove dirt from something using water, especially after washing it with soapRinse your hair thoroughly after shampooing it.cleanse formal to clean your skin, using water or a special creamThere are many products available for cleansing your skin.bathe /beɪð/ to clean a wound or a part of your body with waterBathe the cut and put a plaster on it.do the dishes (also do the washing-up British English) to wash plates and pans after a mealWho’s going to help me do the dishes?do the laundry (also do the washing British English) to wash clothesOn Tuesdays, he does the washing. clean somebody/something out clean up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
cleanShe's busy cleaning.The princess: She was very good and cleaned and cooked for her brothers in their cottage even though she was royalty.Make sure you clean behind the stove.Simply place the whole cleaned fish in a greased pan.Manion cleaned his desk and answered a few emails before leaving for the day.There was mud all over the carpet, and it took me a long time to clean it up.I always clean my teeth last thing at night.We've hired a maid to clean our house.Where's that stuff you use for cleaning the bathtub?I need to clean the bathtub.Tony was cleaning the inside of his car.How often do you clean the kitchen?I wish I'd stayed at home to clean the oven after all.I usually clean the windows about once a month.I clean the windows every Saturday.Sloan had been glancing at his watch and reminding them that he had to clean up the house.need cleaningThe finer the foam, or the smaller the cartridge, the more often it will need cleaning.A failure to relight suggests a blocked jet, which needs cleaning and adjusting, or a failed thermocouple which needs replacing.Don't forget, those of you with ribbers, these need cleaning and oiling as well, as does the lace carriage.Like most buildings in Cracow, the church escaped war damage, but badly needs cleaning and repair.This means the aquarium will not need cleaning as often as a less densely planted one.All the windows and paintwork need cleaning much more often than normal.Printing in black tends to be the least expensive as it does not mean that the machinery needs cleaning of black ink.