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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcookbookcook‧book /ˈkʊkbʊk/ noun [countable]  DFCCOOK American English a book that tells you how to prepare and cook food syn cookery book British English
Examples from the Corpus
cookbookBut this isn't a cookbook.I collect cookbooks, and I hope this is what she wants.There are two ways of tackling this problem: strengthen auditors' independence or have an immensely detailed cookbook of accounting rules.Prudhomme said the learning process was similar to that he undertook before writing a low-fat cookbook.We have several French cookbooks in stock.an illustrated cookbook of Mexican recipesan illustrated cookbookThe increasing emphasis on meatless meals in restaurants and in cookbooks also provides inspiration to home cooks minding a budget.We browse through my cookbooks, perusing recipes, not as formulas or prescriptions but as hints and inspirations for impromptu inventions.This series of cookbooks illustrates each stage of every recipe with attractive colour photographs that show you exactly what to do.Peters is the author of the popular cookbook 'Doing it in the Kitchen'.I got this recipe from the Green's cookbook.I went through cookbooks to see what I might do with it.