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creamcream3 verb [transitive]  1 DFCto mix foods together until they become a thick soft mixture Cream the butter and sugar together.2 BEAT/DEFEAT American English informal to easily defeat someone in a game, competition etc We got creamed 45–6.3 to hit a ball very hard, for example in a game of tennis or cricket4 American English informal to hit someone very hard cream somebody/something ↔ off→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
creamI was getting creamed in dodgeball.Akram pounces on it, creaming it to the Tavern rope.He wondered how much Lorton's mate had creamed off on top of his percentage.This encouraged providers to cream off the easiest to serve, and led to severe criticism.Next, cream the butter and sugar.The Cougars creamed us last Saturday.got creamedI would be the one who got creamed by a fast car.