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dressdress2 ●●● S2 W2 verb  1 put on clothes [intransitive, transitive] to put clothes on yourself or someone else Can you wait a minute? I’m just getting dressed. She dressed quickly and went out of the house. I usually have to dress the kids in the mornings.dress somebody in something She dressed Louis in his best blue shirt.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say get dressed rather than dress:I got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast.2 wear clothes [intransitive]DC to wear a particular kind of clothes Dress warmly if you’re going out for a walk.dress casually/smartly I spend most of my time in the house with young children, so I dress casually.dress for How do you normally dress for work? We usually dress for dinner (=wear formal clothes for our evening meal).3 make/choose clothes [transitive]DC to make or choose clothes for someone Versace dressed some of the most famous people in Hollywood.4 wound/cut etcMH [transitive] to clean, treat, and cover a wound5 meat/fishDFC [transitive] to clean and prepare meat or fish so that it is ready to cook or eat dressed crab 6 saladDFC [transitive] to put oil, vinegar, salt etc onto a salad7 window [transitive] to put an attractive arrangement in a shop window window dresser8 SOLDIERSsoldiers [intransitive, transitive]PMW technical to stand in a straight line, or to make soldiers do this9 hairHAIR [transitive] formalDC to arrange someone’s hair into a special style10 wood/stone etcTI [transitive] technical to prepare or put a special surface onto wood, stone, leather etc dress down dress up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
dressHe dresses and acts more like a 36-year-old electrical engineer.It's a costume party, so she's dressing as a clown.How do most of the people dress at your office?Patty's just learning to dress herself.I didn't dress it up; no wonder she took it as life letting her down once more.Can you dress the kids while I make breakfast?Dress the salad with lemon, olive oil, and a little black pepper.Ask Mom if she needs help dressing the turkey.Clean the area thoroughly before dressing the wound.Check that those who can dress themselves are coping.Dress warmly - it's cold out.dress for dinnerJim and William Reid don't dress for dinner.Tea was served at four-thirty, and after tea everybody would rush upstairs to dress for dinner.He was dressed for dinner and she knew without doubt that they were not going to be invited to join him.While we were dressing for dinner, Jasper spent a long time trying to teach me how to tie it.It occurs to me tonight, waiting for Dominic to dress for dinner, that I never saw that map.