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gutgut2 verb (gutted, gutting) [transitive]  1 BURNto completely destroy the inside of a building, especially by fire The building was gutted by fire. Grammar Gut is often passive in this meaning.2 DFCto remove the organs from inside a fish or animal in order to prepare it for cooking3 REMOVEto change something by removing some of the most important or central parts gutted→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
gutWinding down I gave a firm strike only to find that I had missed the take, I was gutted.Gut and clean all the fish before cooking.Now they've been given a derelict school building, gutted by fire, for their new community association.The hotel which had been gutted by fire last year, re-opened for business during August.The Sunday night fire gutted St. Mary's church.Democrats have gutted the anti-crime bill.Passage came after two amendments to gut the bill were defeated.When I came back from fishing yesterday you were beside me in the lean-to gutting the catch with me.