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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhobhob /hɒb $ hɑːb/ noun [countable] British English  DFCthe flat top of a cooker
Examples from the Corpus
hobIts easy-to-clean hob fits flush with your work surface and incorporates four evenly rated burners sealed into two deep spillage wells.With a gas hob, it's all possible with the touch of a fingertip.Black pots stood steaming on a pair of hobs.There was a copper kettle boiling on one hob and a china teapot on the other and the stove shone clean.There is a four-plate hob and a hood which removes cooking smells.On top of the hob, the winter greens bubbled deliciously.Jean-Claude half filled a pitcher with pump-water and added hot water from the huge kettle on the hob.In the kitchen the meat sizzled in the oven and a big pan of potatoes stood on the hob.