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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmixmix1 /mɪks/ ●●● S2 W3 verb  1 [intransitive, transitive]MIX if you mix two or more substances or if they mix, they combine to become a single substance, and they cannot be easily separated Oil and water don’t mix.mix (something) with something Shake the bottle well so that the oil mixes with the vinegar. The powder is mixed with cold water to form a paste. Mix the soured cream with ketchup.mix something together First mix the butter and sugar together, then add the milk.mix something in Mix in 75 g of butter.mix something into something Mix the herbs into the sauce.2 [transitive]MIX to combine two or more different activities, ideas, groups of things etc Their musical style mixes elements of Eastern culture and Western pop.mix something with something His books mix historical fact with fantasy. I don’t like to mix business with pleasure (=combine business and social activities at the same time).3 [intransitive]SOCIALIZE to meet, talk, and spend time with other people, especially people you do not know very well syn socializemix with Charlie doesn’t mix well with the other children.4 not mix5 [transitive] (also mix up)DFCDFD to prepare something, especially food or drink, by mixing things together Will you mix us some martinis, Bill?6 mix and match7 [transitive] technicalAMTCR to control the balance of sounds in a record or film8 mix it (up) mix somebody/something ↔ up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
mixOil and water do not mix.After a short time the oxygen and the nitrogen molecules will start to mix.At the bar, she mixed a double scotch and water.You can leave the meal cooking while you mix a drink for your guests.If they sell cocktails would you ask the bartender to mix a Harvey Wallbanger?Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl.Equal volumes of bacterial and cell suspensions were mixed and shaken gently at room temperature for 30 minutes.You can make green by mixing blue and yellow paint.Concrete is made by mixing gravel with sand, cement, and water.Keillor enjoys mixing high and low culture.A curious sparrow follows them, mixing its ries with theirs.In a large bowl mix the butter and flour.If these two chemicals are mixed together, they will explode.The racketeers are mixed up with phases of the city government just like a regular Class A City.Ferns mix well with other shade-loving plants.Iii this procedure, plasma is mixed with a strongly acidic cation exchange resin of the sodium form.A heater introduces warm air to mix with incoming cold air.Bulk salt is rigorously tested before being mixed with pharmaceutical grade chemicals.Decorate with plain icing sugar mixed with water, or sprinkle ground ginger on top.mix business with pleasureI always tell patients that I never mix business with pleasure.No wonder our passengers are often reluctant to mix business with pleasure.Still, learn from experience: and the moral of this story is: don't mix business with pleasure.I didn't want to mix business with pleasure ... I won't go out seriously with anyone from the company.If you can mix business with pleasure, so much better.mix withIt will help your career if you mix socially with successful people.