2 verb
pit2 past tense and past participle pitted, present participle pitting
1 [transitive usually passive] to put small marks or holes in the surface of something
be pitted with something
The whole street was pitted with potholes.
2 [transitive] especially American EnglishDFC to take out the single hard seed inside some fruits [= stone]:
Peel and pit two avocados.
3 [intransitive] American English to stop in a car race to get petrol or have your car repaired

pit somebody/something against somebody/something

phrasal verb
to test someone's strength, ability, power etc in a competition or fight against someone or something else:
We'll be pitting our team against the champions.
pit your wits against somebody (=compete against someone using your intelligence or knowledge)
Pit your wits against family or friends!
pit yourself against something/somebody
The men had to pit themselves against the forces of nature.

pit out

phrasal verb
HBH to sweat so much that your clothes become wet under your arms

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