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roastroast3 noun [countable]  1 DFCa large piece of roasted meat a traditional Sunday roast2 hot dog roast/oyster roast etc3 American EnglishDLCELEBRATE an occasion at which people celebrate a special event in someone’s life by telling funny stories or giving speeches about them a celebrity roast
Examples from the Corpus
roastWe're going to have a roast for Jack when he retires.Slices of the cooked roast should separate into no more than three parts.a hamburger roast at the beachBuy the largest roast or cut of ham, or bird that your budget permits and that you can serve out satisfactorily.Leftover savouries, such as nut roast, make good sandwich fillings.Our nut roasts aren't exactly made for vegetarians.I could still make an excellent chicken and barley pot roast.There was chapel in the morning, then Sunday dinner, usually the traditional roast.