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skewerskewer2 verb [transitive]  1 DFCHOLEto make a hole through a piece of food, an object etc with a skewer or with some other pointed object2 to criticize someone very strongly, often in a way that other people find humorous Du Bois skewered Washington’s policies in his book, ‘The Souls of Black Folks’.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
skewerAnd every time I open the curtains, my conscience is skewered.This piece of wood passes right through Turnbull, so that he is skewered.If you skewered a Huey on a sharp stump during an assault, it was pilot error.How she would have skewered all this passing fuss with her incisive wit!Embedded in the wood, it momentarily skewered him to the window-frame.All filmmakers that have done that have gotten skewered over and over and over.Simon skewers the Rolling Stones in their old age in her song, "The Reason."They nibbled chunks of Cheddar cheese skewered with toothpicks.This is a good thing because, even if you could, further impacts might well drive them inwards, skewering your lungs.