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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspicespice1 /spaɪs/ ●●○ noun  1 spice_bottles.jpg [countable, uncountable]DFC a type of powder or seed, taken from plants, that you put into food you are cooking to give it a special tastespicy herbs and spices2 [singular, uncountable]EXCITED interest or excitement that is added to something Travel adds spice to your life. variety is the spice of life at variety(5)
Examples from the Corpus
spiceAdding real-life drama can add spice to a high school history lesson.These products are usually 100 percent turkey meat with certain spices added.Add oregano and other Italian spices to the mixture.Get the habit of flavouring with mild spices, herbs and other natural seasonings.They are sometimes mixed with other spices, such as allspice or coriander seeds, for a table condiment.Sprinkle the spices over the hot fudge.Tastes almost too rich with the spices and brandy.There were spices - a small cloth pouch of cumin and a bigger one of turmeric.Along with spices, religious fervor also obsessed them.