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spicespice2 (also spice up) verb [transitive]  1 INTERESTINGto add interest or excitement to something Millions have bought the book to spice up their sex lives.2 DFCto add spice to foodspice with baked apples spiced with cinnamon→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
spiceIt is also seductive - the achingly boring days in the Co-operative were suddenly spiced by the conspiring behind the haberdashery counter.If you are making your own sauce, spice it liberally but keep it thin.Cook and serve with a sauce Pastrami p21/ Brisket of beef, salted and spiced then coated in peppercorns.Some other ways salsa can spice up a dish: Top a baked potato or macaroni and cheese.CBS spiced up its Monday night line-up with a new sexy drama.This should be spiced with a little chilli paste, and poured over the squid which you have kept just warm.spice withThe sauce can be spiced up with a little chili powder.