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stuffstuff2 ●●○ verb [transitive]  1 push [always + adverb/preposition]PUSH to push or put something into a small space, especially in a quick careless way syn shovestuff something into/in/up something She stuffed two more sweaters into her bag.see thesaurus at push2 fillFULL to fill something until it is full Volunteers were busy stuffing envelopes.be stuffed with something a pillow stuffed with feathers boxes stuffed full of paperssee thesaurus at fill3 foodDFC to fill a chicken, pepper etc with a mixture of bread or rice, onion etc before cooking it4 dead animalTIC to fill the skin of a dead animal in order to make the animal look still alive a stuffed owl5 stuff yourself6 get stuffed7 somebody can stuff something8 stuff it→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
stuffAfter all, peacock feathers still shine brightly when their owner is dead and stuffed.Life, for me, is certainly not too short to stuff a mushroom.We had to stuff envelopes with letters and information packs.I stuffed my shirt tail back into my trousers and tried to straighten my tie.She hurriedly stuffed some things into an overnight bag and left.Could you help me stuff these peppers?He had the fish stuffed to put on the wall in his office.be stuffed with somethingThe rooms are stuffed with antiques and priceless treasures.A good museum in the castle is stuffed with antiquities, while a Roman amphitheatre overlooks all.My files are stuffed with my imaginings, published and unpublished.PTAs up and down the country are stuffed with people like her.Pretty soon our whole world is stuffed with rude people and their rude hair, and the world itself has changed.Also hard-hit are supposedly diversified mutual funds that are stuffed with technology and other highflying small stocks.Its boot was stuffed with the holdalls of the kidnappers and had no room left.It was stuffed with those green pads, like house-movers use.