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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsweatsweat1 /swet/ ●●○ verb  1 liquid from skin [intransitive, transitive]SWEAT to have drops of salty liquid coming out through your skin because you are hot, ill, frightened, or doing exercise syn perspire I was sweating a lot despite the air conditioning.sweat heavily/profusely (=sweat a lot) Within minutes she was sweating profusely.sweat like a pig/sweat buckets informal (=sweat a lot) basketball players sweating buckets2 work [intransitive, transitive] informalWORK HARD to work hard They sweated and saved for ten years to buy a house.sweat over He’d sweated over the plans for six months.sweat blood/sweat your guts out (=work very hard) I sweated blood to get that report finished. We’ve been sweating our guts out here!3 worry [intransitive, transitive] informalNERVOUS to be anxious, nervous, or worried about something Let them sweat a bit before you tell them.sweat bullets American English (=be very anxious) Workers are sweating bullets over the possibility of job losses.4 don’t sweat it5 don’t sweat the small stuff6 produce liquid [intransitive]LIQUID if something such as cheese sweats, fat from inside appears on its surface7 cook [transitive] British EnglishDFC to heat food gently in a little water or fat Sweat the vegetables until the juices run out. sweat something ↔ off sweat something ↔ out→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
sweatOut in the corridor Toby found he was sweating.The heat from the lights was making her sweat and her make-up started to run.If I had to sweat blood it would be done.It was tough work. Within minutes we were all sweating buckets.Let them sweat - I'll give them a decision tomorrow.Amphitryon, sweating, leaned on his spear.My God, it's hot in here - I'm sweating like a pig!Quinn tried to imagine him lying in his bed, sweating out a fever.Sweating profusely and gripping the lectern, Anderson began his speech.It's so hot, you start sweating the minute you walk outside.You're sweating. Why don't you take your jacket off?She was sweating, yet her skin felt cold.sweat heavily/profuselyAt that time, when it was removed from the casket, the community was astonished to see it sweat profusely.By noon on the fourth day he was sweating profusely.Her father was under clad for the time of year but was sweating heavily.Within minutes her eyes were watering, she was sweating profusely and she began to find it difficult to breathe and speak.Hutt crept silently into the kitchen, his hands sweating profusely as he closed in on his prey.They grip the lectern, their knees knock, and they sweat profusely as they try to get their point across.I was sweating profusely in a wool shirt.The Prime Minister, who looked relaxed but sweated profusely in the hot hall, said he relished the fight ahead.sweat overThe committee spent months sweating over the new budget.sweat bulletsYou see, as Job Survivor I am sweating bullets by night, biting bullets by day.