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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtarragontar‧ra‧gon /ˈtærəɡən/ noun [uncountable]  DFCthe leaves of a small European plant, used in cooking to give food a special taste chicken with tarragon
Examples from the Corpus
tarragonStir in tomato paste and tarragon.Pan-fried Louisiana crab cakes with remoulade sauce and Cobb salad with creamy tarragon sauce are perennial lunchtime favorites.Bordeaux mustards are darker and milder and often contain flavourings such as vinegar or herbs, especially tarragon.Billed as a remoulade, it was more like a homemade mayo with lots of chopped capers and fresh tarragon.Garnish with sprigs of parsley or a few fresh tarragon leaves and serve with crusty bread.Stir in tarragon, parsley, chicken, corn and leeks.Mix with the finely chopped shallots, tarragon and parsley.Scented by infusion with wild tarragon, like no other sorbet I have ever tasted, a mere thimbleful did the trick.