Language: Old English
Origin: thawian


1 verb
1 also thaw out [intransitive and transitive]HEMDN if ice or snow thaws, or if the sun thaws it, it turns into water [≠ freeze]:
The lake thawed in March.

it thaws

if it thaws, the weather becomes warmer, so that ice and snow melt:
It thawed overnight.
3 also thaw out [intransitive and transitive]DFC to let frozen food become warmer until it is ready to cook [≠ freeze]:
Thaw frozen meat in its packet and then cook as soon as possible.
4 [intransitive] to become friendlier and less formal:
After a few glasses of wine Robert began to thaw a little.

thaw out

phrasal verb
if your body thaws out, or if you thaw it out, it gets warmer until it is a normal temperature again
thaw something ↔ out
He held his hands in front of the fire to thaw them out.

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