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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtoasttoast1 /təʊst $ toʊst/ ●●○ S3 noun  1 toast.jpg [uncountable]DFC bread that has been heated so that it is brown on both sides and no longer soft I had a piece of toast for breakfast.2 [countable]DRINK if you drink a toast to someone, you drink something in order to thank them, wish them luck etc I’d like to propose a toast (=ask people to drink a toast) to the bride and groom.see thesaurus at drink3 be the toast of Broadway/Hollywood etc4 warm as toast5 be toast French toast
Examples from the Corpus
toasttoast with butter and jamThere will also be potluck munchies and a non-alcoholic toast at midnight, she says.Serve chilled with hot dry toast.Children, especially boys, will construct a fake gun using anything from sticks to a piece of toast.Just a cup of tea and a slice of toast each.House Minority Leader Art Hamilton had a slice of toast and black coffee.Mixed protein dishes include cheese sandwiches, beans on toast and porridge that is made with milk.The appeal of watching these football highlights over toast and tea was enhanced by the vibrant colour of the images.Mountbatten was to propose the toast to the Navy, I to the guests.piece of toastHe also made her a piece of toast.She went to the bread bin and seemed to be preparing to make herself a piece of toast.The french windows banged and Clare came out into the garden, holding a piece of toast.Children, especially boys, will construct a fake gun using anything from sticks to a piece of toast.And, while they were arguing, Conradin made himself another piece of toast.I distinctly remember assembling on a tray some orange-topped mushrooms, a rusty bed-spring, and some blackened pieces of toast.She eyed the last piece of toast and rouille, decided she didn't dare look as though she wanted it.Amy took the two pieces of toast out of the toaster and flipped them quickly on to the breadboard.propose a toastHe stands up stiffly and proposes a toast to their old friend.I want to propose a toast to an absent - and sorely missed - friend.